DRCC King of Mountain Challenge  

Event Date: 

 DRCC King of Mountain Howei Event

DRCC King of Mountain Challenge
Symphony Suites Ipoh
10th Dec 2017 (Sun)
 RM80 - RM120
 Darul Ridzuan Cycling Club


The DRCC KOM Challenge 2017 is also one of those few events that allows cyclist to ride up one of the most scenic cycling routes in Malaysia in a safe and controlled environment. Enjoy the spectacular landscape and fresh air leading up to Cameron Highlands, as you ascend 1523 meters along one of the best paved road in the country.

This program isn’t about bike cycling. It serves as a venue for cyclist form Malaysia and abroad to come together to do what they love best-just riding their bikes. Whether you ride hard or whether you ride easy, it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, it’s about the camaraderie that all cyclist share in completing a grueling hors categories climb together. It is this collective suffering that brings us together and binds us as a whole.

No shoddy road repairs, no traffic lights and junctions. Just smooth tarmac all the way up, punctuated by great scenery and fantastic weather- all the ingredients you need for a perfect ride to remember.

Like any other major cycling event, the DRCC KOM Challenge 2017 also helps in spurring the local economy as thousands of cyclist and their families and friends descend on Ipoh and Cameron Highlands for the event. For many who participate, the race serves as a gateway to the treasure trove of tourist attraction in the state of Perak and Pahang.

DRCC KOM Challenge 2017 adalah satu program kayuhan yang menawarkan semua peserta dan peminat sukan berbasikal di Malaysia dan luar negara dapat berkumpul dan berkayuh di altitud yang berketinggian 1523 meter disamping memupuk nilai perpaduan dan semangat kesukanan yang tinggi dikalangan peserta.

Disamping itu juga, keindahan suasana semulajadi yang nyaman dan sejuk disepanjang laluan perkampungan orang asli ini menjanjikan keseronokan dan kepuasan kepada setiap peserta yang akan menamatkan kayuhan nanti di Meiko Strawberry Servenir Center, Blue Valley,Cameron Highlands. Keadaan permukaan jalan yang baik dan selamat untuk berbasikal juga adalah terjamin.

Diharapkan program ini dapat menarik minat ramai peserta dari dalam dan luar negeri Perak dan Pahang untuk turut sama menikmati kepuasan dan keseronokan berkayuh di dalam program ini.  

Flag Off

  • 59km - 7.30 am (Symphony Suites Hotel)

Race Kit Collection

Date : 09th December 2017
Time : Symphony Suites Hotel Ipoh
Venue : 12.00pm - 6.00pm

Category and Fee

Category Group Age Early Bird (RM) Normal (RM) Late Entry (RM)
Women Open 16 yrs old and above 80 100 120
Men Open 16 - 35 yrs old 80 100 120
Men Senior Open 36 yrs old and above 80 100 120

*Race Bike / Mountain Bike

Early Bird = 18th August - 17th Septmber 2017 
Normal = 18th September - 17th October 2017 
Late Entry = 18th October - 11th November 2017 

Participant Entitlements
All participants will stand to receive the following entitlements:
Howei Shirt Symbol Howei Medal Symbol Howei Bag Symbol E-certificate Howei Symbol

  • Finisher Medal
  • T-shirt
  • Goodies
  • E-Certificate
  • Timing Chip
  • Lucky Draw

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Route Map
DRCC King of Mountain - Route Map

DRCC King of Mountain   

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Event Location 

Symphony Suites Ipoh